New Life Community’s launch date of April 10, 2011 represents both a new church’s birth and the continuation of a ministry that began as Stonewall Wesleyan Church in 1962. 


Stonewall was birthed out of Short Street Wesleyan Church in downtown Lexington, at a time when most of the surrounding area was in the early stages of development.  Short Street’s pastor, Rev. Blaine West led the task of founding and building the facilities as both a ministry to the growing community and a “home away from home” for university and Asbury seminary students.


Through almost 50 years the church emphasized biblical preaching, being a caring family, and mentoring emerging pastors and missionaries.  The faith and faithfulness of its members made it a strong congregation with a worldwide reach.  Its participants have gone on to proclaim the gospel in dozens of states and across the continents.  In 2010, plans were made to make March 26-27, 2011 a weekend to celebrate the past and to conclude life as Stonewall Wesleyan.  April 3rd was set aside as a day of prayer with no services held on the property.


New Life Community continues to be affiliated with the Wesleyan Church, an international denomination that draws its name from the “Evangelical” or “Wesleyan” revival that broke out across England and America many years ago.  That movement, in part inspired by the preaching of John and Charles Wesley, resulted in the Methodist family of churches that have called millions of people to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


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